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Our objective is to provide students with products and services needed during their stay.


In addition, we service groups and corporate travelers to Israel with a seamless cellular experience at the highest level of service and at the lowest price so to enjoy their visit.

About 1SIM HUB

Welcome to 1SIM Hub, a company that provides telecommunication services to students, groups, corporate and travelers.

The company is US –based and began its’ operations in 2002 as 4Less LLC. It maintains an operating center staffed with English speakers in Israel.


We are not just another cellular provider, but a one-stop outfitting hub. In addition, we provide other services to students such as new and high quality linens, towels, pillows, blankets as well as small electrical items such as fans, water kettles, sandwich makers and other items.

Our clients are very important to us.

Accordingly, we provide you with a number of ways to contact us.

 In Israel: +972-9-746-2313

In the USA : +914-294-3370

General inquiries: 

Billing inquiries:

(office hours are Sunday - Thursday between 7:00AM and 4:00 PM EST)

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