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Frequently Asked Questions



Q: What sets 1Sim Hub Apart from any other cell phone provider.

A: 1Sim Hub are the leaders in developing creative and cost saving cell phone plans. We were the first to introduce the Fixed Value Anywhere Minute Plans to the students in Israel. That was just the begining. Check out our current unmatched Plans. Yes, we are the leaders, the rest just follow. So tell all your friends to join and SAVE, SAVE, SAVE. 

Additionally, we are a one-stop shop providing the students with almost any product or service they may need during the year. All this, under one roof, makes things simple and easy.

Q:  How do cell phones operate in Israel?

A: Cell phones operate in the same fashion as elsewhere in the world. In Israel there are a number of carriers.


Rates for calls made within the same carrier are lower than if made from one cell carrier to another cell carrier. Likewise, calls made to cell phones abroad carry different rates. Note that unlike in the USA, all incoming calls are FREE and there are no roaming charges.

Q: What happens if one of the electrical items I ordered malfunctions?

A: As with the phones, we have direct access to the many service stores managed by our suppliers.


Call us at 09-746-2313 and we will direct you to the nearest service store who will tend to the problem right away.

Q: Why can't I use my USA cell phone in Israel?

A: US cellular service operates on a different frequency and will not work in Israel. Having said that, with proper changes to the phone itself, it can be used.


However, it must first be inspected by our Service Center. Additionally, since some of the standard services which come with the monthly rental rates can only be supplied to the US cell phone, at an additional cost, the actual cost of making all the necessary changes to your phone makes the total cost much higher than the monthly rental rates. So you decide.

Q:  How do I return my phone?

A: When you receive your cell phone or prior to your departure you will receive instuctions on the options available to you for proper and timely return of you phone. It will be very simple.


Failure to follow the instructions may result in you not being able to return the phone to us in Israel. In such and event, you will be assesed a processing fee of $25 and incure overnight mailing charges.


Q: What are the call charges?

A: Since we managed to negotiate good rates with all carriers, you are guaranteed to get the lowest rates.


You should know that calls from your cell phone are usually cheaper than using a calling card. It is also more convenient and that is what we want for you

Q:  What if I lose the phone?

A: You are responsible for the safekeeping of the phone and charger until it is returned.


We provide insurance on all rentals, with a first claim deductible ranging from $75 to $150 depending on the phone model.


The replacement cost of the phone without insurance is up to $400. In the event your phone is lost or stolen, find a way to immediately call us at 09-746-2313.


This will assure that you are not charged for a call that you did not make.


Q: Why do you need my e-mail address?

A: We found that the best way to keep our clients is not to annoy them!


We only ask for your e-mail address so we may contact you with important information.

Additionally, this is the medium for sending you a FREE copy of the monthly bill, which is charged to the credit card given to us.

Q:  When will I be billed?

A: Once a month, you will receive an itemized bill via e-mail .

Delivery and Return of Phones

Q: Can I get my phone delivered in the USA?

A:  We do not deliver the phone in the USA. We deliver the phone directly to you, fully charged, along with any other items you ordered upon your arrival. 

Our experience has shown that many who had the phone delivered to them in the US find, at best, that the battery is usually empty by the time they land in Israel - and can not use the phone until it is charged again or at worst, may lose their phone en route. We think you should schlep less and enjoy your flight.

Q:  How do I return my phone?

A: When you receive the phone, it will be in a self addressed envelope which you will drop off at the post office located in Ben Gurion Airport.

Instructions are supplied with the phone. Quick and simple!

Delivery and Return of Phones
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