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Boy Checking his Phone

"The sim card should be in the office. Thanks for everything this year. I'll be sure to recommend you to future Dutch people who go to Israel!"

Testimonials by Danny

"Thanks for your terrific service this year! Shifra will be flying out of Israel on Wednesday, June 15."

Testimonials by Mike Kalman

Talking on phones
Office Call

"I have already left Israel and have returned to the U.S. Thank you for your continued service this past year; given my experience I will surely recommend phones for less to future students looking for cell phone service providers when spending time in Israel."

Testimonials byMoshe Levenson

Wonderful, thanks very much! We appreciate the excellent service. Will call you in a year B"H for our other son!

Testimonials by Robin Avery

Talking on phones
Woman on Phone

Hi Mark, thank-you VERY much for the service and support you have given over the past 15 months. I have been very impressed with the high level of support both my daughter and I have received. All our queries were answered promptly and with courtesy. It was gratifying to know that if we had any problems (there were none) they would have been dealt with in such a prompt manner. I was also impressed with the range of products you provide. Please feel free to use this as an endorsement for your service.

Testimonials by Earle Orenstein
(parent of student at Midreshet Lindenbaum)

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